A new high class white wine from Friuli

Wikipedia under "white Merlot" says that this wine is made the same way as White Zinfandel. In the US, White Merlot is normally a light "blush" wine, with a bit of sweetness, very easy to drink.

Starting from an older tradition in Friuli, Italy, we have developped a totally different and original concept:

 white, dry, and high class

Technically, Foffani dry White Merlot wine is completely white in color, with the complexity of a modern dry white wine from Friuli and the strength to evolve positively in the bottle for several years, like a red wine.
Grapes are harvested at full technological and phenolic maturity, but before final cellular maturity to control extraction of red color from the skins. No chemical clarifiers used.

Our original vinification offers new interesting sensations: the perfume is fruity and floral, with a distinctive recall of rose fragrances; the color is pale and delicate, the body harmonic and pleasant, with a touch of salinity typical of our production area DOC Friuli Aquileia. Persistence of taste is remarkable.

This new, original dry white wine is elegant as an aperitif, a good companion of light dishes, like pasta and fish, and particularly interesting with row fish or all kinds of spicy plates. To be served at 10° temperature.

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  • 17 years old estate vineyards
  • Guyot pruning
  • Environmental respect according to European restrictive rules
  • Grape production 12.000 Kg per hectare
  • All wine production in steel tanks
  • Fermentation at low temperatures ( 13°C)
  • No malolactic fermentation
  • Batonage sur lies throughout winter
  • Protein and tartaric stabilization at low temperatures
  • Lab analysis of natural corks before bottling
  • Bottling with sterile filtration
  • Bottling lot L1501
  • 25.000 bottles produced
  • No anti-fermentative products used
  • Full traceability of production processes
  • Alcohol  13° vol
    Residual Sugar  2,7 gr/l
    Acidity  6,2 gr/l HTH
    pH  3,15
    Dry extract  20 gr/l
  • Wine district  DOC FRIULI AQUILEIA
    Farm location  CLAUIANO Friuli Italy
    Vineyards  Braida Calligaris in Clauiano
    Vines per ha.  4000
    Soil  Clay over gravel stones

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